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grr grr grr  
09:39pm 08/11/2009
I am currently avoiding my school work. You see, just for a little bit, I'm taking a break from doing something that I don't understand, then being told to click this box, do this thing, click here, here and here and ta-da...oh wait...no...click here and here...does that work? oh that works. ta da. there ya go. and then i'm left having no idea what I just did, nor how to redo it, and in the process have completely lost my basic sandbox to play in and don't know how to get it back.

technology and I have been fighting all day. It's one of those, i know i'm not a good communicator towards the technology, and most of the time it amuses me and does what I ask even though i'm asking in a way that would be similar to trying to speak a different language. so, I understand that it's not misbehaving or being a rational, assholish program...but still. it sucks. not even sure this log will make sense, but as a celebration for the first tears shed, (all 3 of them) I post about how me and vectorworks are not friends today. tomorrow we will be friends. and notmyjournal has been wonderful about distracting me, showing me her cleavage when I look super pathetic and generally smothering me with love and sweet whispers when I start muttering like a parrot stuck on the word "fuck."
location: school
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another feel gooder  
01:42pm 06/11/2009
location: grad lab
mood: goodgood
music: the unicorns
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copying nerddog  
12:26pm 05/11/2009

a new song that I've been all about. and the video...well...has nothing to do with the song as far as I can tell.
location: school
music: arctic monkey
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God I miss the valley....  
10:36am 15/09/2009
location: desk
mood: workingworking
music: npr
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11:44pm 11/09/2009

8 years later. Coming home tonight, the original version of this piece was playing on the radio. These are two different pieces. You should listen to them side by side. Everything wears down with age...What happens over years of time.... The dj who came on after was remembering his age (15) in 2001.

I was remembering how right after the towers came down, there was 4 choices of what to do with the footprint. What have we done with the footprint? What are we going to do with it? In class we picked a building. I remember printing out Self Evident as part of my class project that we were working on about 9/11.

Well. So that's that.

Tonight I went to see "9" with a bunch of classmates. An animated movie by Tim Burton. I enjoyed it. It was scary at moments. I think I'm chock full of apocolyptic imagery. There was a message of hope...a bit far reaching as far as I'm concerned...but it was a nice bow for a downer of a movie.

And I think that's it for the moment. Should find some "cheery" work to work on a bit before bed.
location: my desk
mood: reflectivereflective
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a week in  
09:03pm 04/09/2009
and i'm still loving grad school.
the work has been a nice steep uphill grade, but not a massive dump, therefore feeling a little more...managable.
I'm taking a set design class where we will design 3 shows in the span of a semester. first up: "The Rivals" by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Old school, romantic comedy that takes place in neo-classical Bathe. Then- "Rabbit Hole" by David Lindsay-Abaire. A newer play I think...no idea what it's about yet. Lastly, "Three Sisters" by Anton Chekov.

Lighting Design class is doing "Our Country's Good" by Timberlake Wertenbaker. At least I know of this play, have seen it when we did it in undergrad. I believe in the black box space. Great show. Miserable show. Convicts shipped from England to New Wales Australia to form the first penal colony. Then they decide to have the convicts perform a play.

For an independent credit, I'm the assistant to projections for "Galileo" by Bertolt Brecht. I love Brecht. Love love love. I have done projections exactly once before, only a few months ago. This is projections on a mammoth scale. A 19'x20' screen that at times gets split into about 12 smaller screens. Lots of hard imagery. Like war, and various atrocities of the 20th century. But also stars and Hubble imagery. But i'm working on the atrocities section. I think for a 2-3 minute piece of the show, we'll flash multiple hundreds of atrocities of various shapes and sizes. I'll need lots of flowers and happiness when working on this to make up for delving into hours of death and horror. But I'm really excited for it. I think it will end up being awesome. But there is also a steep, steep, almost straight up learning curve of the programs to make all this work.

Speaking of steep learning curves. Also working next door at the recital hall and teaching myself the light board. Godbless the internet and the company's choice to put the training dvd online. I just sit next to the board and do what the little man on the puter tells me to and it's amazing!

What else....color theory. Relatively simple. No death and horror. Merely taking gel books from 3 companies and compiling them into on, sorted by color. and hue within that. Don't know what a gel book is?

Kinda like a paint sample book.

So that's me. What about you?
mood: excitedexcited
music: pandora radio
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10:15pm 23/08/2009
when I look on facebook of pics from summer work and my stomach flips. and not in that good, twitterpated way.

just sayin...

now to find something to make the stomach flip back over into the good way...
mood: annoyedannoyed
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RHPS and family's  
10:17pm 20/08/2009
Tonight my dad and niece (herein referred to as "the kiddo") came up for a visit for a few days. This is very exciting as I'm still settling into my new place, and so happy to have them up here. The kiddo has not visited me since 2003, in Pittsburgh. We taught her how to say "monongahela". She was about 3...

Right now however, we are watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show and she knows all the words, even if she doesn't understand them, and thinks that Rocky is "hot". This makes me feel very strange at the least. I fell in love with this movie when I was maybe 15...and haven't watched it since last Halloween at the Academy for the midnight showing, where I felt very, very old, and left before the movie was over.

So, in conclusion: this is weird. It's great to have them here. I think tomorrow we'll go to the Eric Carle museum. I start school in about 2 weeks, life is settling in here at the new place and it's been hotter than hell. But love being in the middle of nowhere, as the temperature drops a good 5-10 degrees to nice and cool at night.
location: new living room
mood: weirdweird
music: RHPS- hot pattootie
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what i did with my day.  
11:43pm 15/08/2009
firstly, for the record, tranversely and rumorofrain are the sweetest sweets ever. letting me stay in their spare spare bedroom so that i don't have to travel home (30+ now miles) for a two day gig that is >5 miles from old place.

so- today in no paricular order I did or had:
-2 bugs fly up my nose. not at the same time. but the same nostril i think.
-finally finished reading angela's ashes. bout time now that he's dead.
-oscillated on stage in front of hundreds. (we were using big words and I was acting them out.)
-i then masticated on stage.
-came out to 2 coworkers as trans who I thought knew but apparently didn't.
-also informed them that I'm going to grad school. (kinda more serious in terms of fear of repercussions for me)
-learned how to tear down a drum kit.
-couldn't find my tool bag and had to re-purchase gloves, flashlight and crescent wrench this morning.
-felt like I was cheating on my crescent wrench all day. I've had that one since 1999.
-realized that a few weeks ago I was working next to a merry-go-round, and today was working next to the slab of concrete that that merry-go-round had once sat on.
-worked a one day free music festival on the day of the 40th anniversary of woodstock. not quite the same...

and will now be going to sleep.
mood: pleasedpleased
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12:13am 14/08/2009
i'm gonna go thru my list of friends and narrow down to much less.
if you'd like to stay in my goings ons...lemme know.
mood: tiredtired
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