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10:56pm 17/01/2010
I am in the process of trying to get calversion13.webpress.com on it's feet as a webpage for my professional stuff. It's free and pretty easy, and I thank goodness that transversely told me about it. But if anyone has any nudges, suggestions, critiques or otherwise useful or not information regarding a swifter, smoother process, please do it.

The Ailey gig last week went splendidly. Everyone was happy with everyone, and so hopefully we'll be able to do this more in the future. Once I get pictures back, I'll show ya'll some stuff.

Also, tonight I stumbled upon a photobucket account from about 4-5 years ago. I re-downloaded everything and got a lot of pictures that I thought were lost and gone forever back. I also remembered another photo site, but downloading wasn't as smooth so I gave up.

notmyjournal and I have been travelling like ...well... travelers this past month. I now stay home and get ready to start school again, and she continues on in her process. We've been together almost every night for about a month now and it's been awesome. It kinda feels like an end of that awesomeness with starting school again, and her doin her thing that involves places no where near me for multiple days of the week. ::sad panda:: But it will be what it will be, and good and wonderful.

What else? I'm really really excited for Queer Invasion. Like really.

::sigh:: and now I think it's bed time. "Single Ladies" may or may not be playing right now, and the girl, on her way to bed, may or may not have just danced her way there.
location: city house
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music: Single Ladies- Beyonce
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