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Alvin Ailey Dance and me  
01:37pm 20/12/2009
Been working with, and hanging out around Alvin Ailey Dance Co. more frequently these days. Over break, we (the lighting grads) have the opportunity to design for the Ailey School winter performance. Very exciting. So very exciting. In doing my homework on the two choreographers I will be designing for, I happened across a really f-ed up story about a guy, upon entering the Israeli airport, was forced to dance in order to prove his identity with the dance company (the dance company being with him, and also having programs with his face and name in them)

the reputable source

the blogey source

In the rest of the world, school is still pretty darn great. I'm loving it, learning a lot, getting good feedback, learning learning. Friday night, notmyjournal went to see a show that I had designed last year, but not this year. The designer, for the most part used my plot and design and changed somethings up. Watching it, I was surprised by some choices that maybe I made or she had made, that now, knowing what I know about color, I totally wouldn't have chosen. Kinda amazing. This semesters show went splendidly, but still don't know if I can put the video up, nor, honestly do I know how to right now. It's a hunkin big file. Next semester I'm assisting/associating the same guy for lights instead of of projection for Tommy. Also super excited about. And I'm itching to design again. I think this is the longest I've gone without designing something. ::itch itch::

Today is a snow day. I'm watching the plows go by, the kids with sleds heading towards the steepest hill, people slip sliding up and down the street. I'm cleaning, listening to christmas music (it's notmyjournal's fault. Maybe tonight we will see Christmas lights. I guess it depends if we're still in a snow emergency.

::sigh:: it's good to have a life again.
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(no subject)
08:30pm 20/12/2009 (UTC)
the best kind of trouble
Possibly not quite as awful and this story has a happy ending, but when Arnel Pineda went to the US Embassy in Manila to apply for a visa to audition to become the lead singer of Journey, an official made him sing "Wheel in the Sky." He did, everybody applauded, and the rest is history.
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08:32pm 20/12/2009 (UTC)
the best kind of trouble
Oh, also, you sound so fulfilled with your work, and that's awesome!
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03:06pm 21/12/2009 (UTC)
Awesome. All of it.
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