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08:55pm 21/11/2009
In the last 15 minutes of tech... question for ya'll.
First- transversely, what do you use for your website? Why'd you pick it?

Secondly, to everyone- which do you like better?
Calversion Design
Calversion Lighting
(my first name)(my last name) Design
(my first name)(my last name) Lighting

And do people have good websites? What do you like about them?

Please and thank you.

Otherwise. I'm looking forward to some time off. Tomorrow- i'm gonna sleep as long as I want. notmyjournal, any interest in a hottub? Taking the train home for the holiday. Will allow me to read and do homework that does not require a drafting board. oh. i'm taking a train home because the brakes died on the truck a few days ago. But now trucky is at a reliable mechanic getting everything fixed. This is the last big fix I think for dear trucky. Have begun squirreling for a less old, less falling apart motor vehicle. ::sigh:: i love that truck.

The end for now. 6 minutes left.
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03:46am 22/11/2009 (UTC)
I like "Calversion Lighting" better than "Calversion Design." Because of the repetition of the letters "e[r]si" in the two words, on reading it quickly I elide the "r" in "Calversion" and end up reading it as "Calvision," which makes my internal critic ask, What if I don't like "Cal's vision?" What if I just want him to light it the way I want?
"Lighting" is more specific than "Design," another plus. I'd have to know your last name to say whether I thought it fit better than "Calversion." Probably, yes.
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09:46pm 22/11/2009 (UTC)
I like Calversion Design. It doesn't limit you like lighting does. Also, I've found with my photo company that having your name as your business name can be a big ol' pain in the ass. Sometimes I don't want my name connected to my business identity, and vice versa.

I use bluehost to host my site. I likes it. I use iWeb to build it. You don't run a mac though, right?

Depending on what you want, wordpress would probably work for your needs. It's a blog software, but you can make it seem more portfolio like.

If you are using predesigned pages, just make sure that they have good photo/gallery support.
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01:42am 23/11/2009 (UTC)
My answer was Calversion Design for the very same reasons.
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01:50am 23/11/2009 (UTC)
Me, three. Calversion Design. And I can't believe that truck's still trucking.

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01:07pm 23/11/2009 (UTC)
TheSarcastix: dress
I'd like to stumble onto you, Calversion.
picword: dress
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03:51pm 23/11/2009 (UTC)
Why? It's super easy, has a bunch of nice templates to choose from. It's free, and only $15/year if you want to buy a url.
(Hence tobiaskdavis.com instead of tobiaskdavis.wordpress.com, which would be the free version)
It has integrating blogging/commenting/and fun stats that let you see how many people are looking at your site.
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